Software development

Software development  is the development of software product. The term “software development” may be used to

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Web development

Web development is a broad term for the work involved in developing a web site

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Training is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills and knowledge

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In business, outsourcing is the contracting out of a business process to a third-party. The term “outsourcing” became popular

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IT Enable Service

We provide IT Enabled services; covers the entire gamut of operations which exploit Information Technology

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At B Cox’s Bazar Computer ltd, we have a vision. Our vision is linked with government’s vision to strengthen businesses especially at sub-national level to help Bangladesh graduate to be a middle income country by the year 2021. We are glad that the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, in association with the Ministry of Public Administration, have selected Cox’s Bazar as one of the four pilot municipalities for streamlining businesses processes.

We are dedicated to nurturing the government’s vision by supporting the businesses across all industries in  our country to keep up the pace of growth by applying enhanced IT enable services.


Mohammed Reaz Ullah

Managing Director


Our Clients:
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